Tata International US team joins hands with Cetin Civata

February 11, 2021

Tata International Metals Americas (TIMAL), in a bid to continue the expansion of its fastener business in the United States, has partnered with Cetin Civata.

Cetin Civata is a fully integrated fastener producer and has the capacity and technical ability to produce a wide variety of standard and special fasteners. As one of Turkey’s leading fastener manufacturers, the company started operation in 1976 producing fasteners for the domestic market. Through a continued focus on investment and optimisation, the business continued to grow rapidly. Today 45 per cent of the fasteners are exported, primarily to Western Europe and Germany. Cetin Civata serves the automotive industry, white goods, metal constructions, machine building and industrial distribution sector.

TIMAL adds a local face for the customer, with all the marketing, financing and logistical expertise required to succeed in this market.

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