Products for Aluminium team garners appreciation from New Zealand customer

September 07, 2022

A New Zealand customer felicitated the Products for Aluminium Industry (PAI) Division in appreciation of its long association since 1984 with a Mere Pounamu. Mere Pounamu (also known as Greenstone) was originally used in hand-to-hand combat by the Maori. In Māori culture, it is believed that Pounamu is a symbol of Mana (authority), status, cultural identity and important relationships and absorbs the spiritual power of its owners. The Mere Pounamu is sourced from the Arahura River. This type of jade is called Kawakawa with Kokopu. It is a strong dark to rich green colour with varying shades through to the Kokopu and is named so because its colour resembles that of the leaf of the Kawakawa or loft pepper tree and the kokopu name comes from the New Zealand native trout.

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