In run-up to 58th Foundation Day, Tata International reinforces commitment to Ethics

December 22, 2020

Tata International celebrated its 58th Foundation Day on November 30, 2020. In the run-up to the occasion, colleagues across the globe celebrated Ethics Week from November 23 – 30, 2020. These celebrations were accompanied by a number of engagement activities in November.

Mr Ajay Ponkshe, Chief Ethics Counsellor, led the charge with a variety of engaging and motivational activities. He was supported by the Location Ethics Counsellors in underwriting the company’s commitment to Ethics, a key area of focus within the Tata group.

All Corporate, vertical, finance and function heads of the company reinforced their commitment to Ethics to external stakeholders of the company through a letter that was aimed at reassuring them that the ethical way is the only way of conducting business.

Colleagues across geographies reiterated their commitment to Ethics by participating in activities that aimed to cascade the Tata Code of Conduct (TCoC). A number of activities aimed at teams internalising the TCoC were deployed on MyTILNet. An e-Learning programme, and quizzes on the TCoC were designed to gamify the engagement with the TCoC.

This year, in view of the global social distancing norms that are the need of the hour due to the Covid-19 pandemic, technology was used to enable the flagship event of the Ethics Week – i-Run for Ethics. The annual event that is now in its sixth year, was conducted at all locations.

Tata International underscores the highest ethical standards of the Tata group, and the company’s business conduct is guided by the tenets of the TCoC. Employees and associates of the company are expected to be aligned with the Code in letter and spirit. It is this commitment that will serve to protect the Tata group’s legacy, preserve its reputation and continue to earn the trust of its stakeholders.

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