products and solutions

products and solutions

  • Anode Bars

    We source and supply anode bars required in aluminium smelters. Our product range comprises ready-to-use machined anode stubs and anode bars of variable length.

  • Cathode Bars

    We supply a complete range of cathode bars which includes saw cut, machined to specifications or chamfered. Our low electrical resistivity (LER) cathode bars are now regarded as the best in terms of energy-saving potential. Improvement in resistivity has been our constant focus and the new-generation copper inserted cathode collector bar (CUCB) is a step in that direction. Our high-precision machining and assembly capabilities enable us to produce high-performance CUCBs, which facilitate optimisation of energy consumption in the smelting process. We also work closely with reputed research institutions to develop design solutions for CUCBs, which would further enhance energy efficiency. We currently have the capability to produce three different designs of CUCBs.

  • Process / Raw Materials

    We source and supply calcined petroleum coke (CPC) and aluminium fluoride (AlF3) – key materials for the aluminium smelting process. Our strategic tie-ups with large-scale manufacturers and green petroleum coke (GPC) producers, along with the capability of managing international logistics at customer-friendly terms and right prices, ensure that the right quality of material is available at our customer’s doorstep.