Tata International services niche areas in the metals trading industry. Our diverse product basket includes steel, pig iron, and customised engineering products for the aluminium industry. We offer our partners an attractive value proposition by straddling the entire value chain.

As a trading partner, Tata International Metals Trading business supports the entire supply chain encompassing global sourcing, distribution, sales and finance to partners. We facilitate physical trading of high-quality steel and other metals from different geographies through a network of select and committed partners. We bring together buyers and sellers in our network and take ownership of delivery of quality products and services.

We are constantly developing and strengthening our sourcing base world-wide. Focusing on the backward integration of our supply chain, we are taking deeper control of the value chain to bring to our customers an extremely reliable sourcing partner for their metals needs.

Our global offices manned by experienced and efficient staff give us the agility and ability to support all our customers’ business requirements, including logistics and other service support.

Tata International opposes slavery and human trafficking in all its forms. Click here to to read our statement on Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking.