Tata International Limited is governed and managed by a professional Board of Directors comprising eminent members of proven credentials and domain expertise. The positions of the Chairman and Managing Director are separate as per the Tata Governance policy. The Board is assisted by specialised Committees of the Board – Executive cum Investment Committee, Audit Committee, Nomination and Remuneration Committee, and CSR Committee.

The company management adheres to Board directives, group guidelines, applicable statutory provisions and laws, risk management processes and has in place internal Standard Operating Procedures for its various businesses.

As a member of the Tata Group of companies, Tata International believes in enhancing stakeholder value through sound corporate governance, involving empowerment, accountability and integrity, moving beyond compliance.

The operations of our various global businesses are largely guided by the common threads of Tata Code of Conduct, high level of adherence to regulatory compliance and business excellence, all of which essentially reflect the Tata Group philosophy of ethical conduct and business practices at all times.

Besides the statutory bodies and committees that lend to sound governance practices, Tata International also has well-enunciated policies that are meant to provide a robust framework for building a world-class organisation, and a workplace where employees are valued and encouraged to contribute to sustainable growth.

Among the policies that define our governing principles are:

As a global organisation, we are driven to continually engage with our customers, suppliers and other key stakeholders towards improved performances and business processes based on the Tata Code of Conduct and the Tata Business Excellence Model.